Day 2: Boulder to Dillon via Rocky Mountain National Park. Subtext: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Breakfasted at a recommended greasy spoon: Dot’s Diner. Set out under overcast skies to Rocky Mountain National Park. Now some geography: Denver, at 5300 feet, is at the extreme west of the plains; it lies just east of the escarpment of the Rockies. The continental divide wends it way vaguely north-south not too far west of Denver. We passed over it four times during the week. While the altitude of the passes over the divide varied, the ones in Colorado are all over 10,500 ft.

bikes on mountainside.jpg    Mike in RM park.jpg    scenery 1.jpg

We had reached the pass through the national park, and 102 miles on my bike, before it coughed (kaah, kaah) and required reserve. Stupid, stupid, stupid. We were told that the nearest gasoline was 17 miles distant, "all downhill." Carl’s bike coughed shortly (kaah). We coasted out of the park in the rain, thinking of high school math: was this "all downhill" monotonically downhill, strictly monotonically downhill, or just downhill on average? We got there without external embarrassment. Thereafter, we pumped gas every 6 miles. By the way, the guy was way wrong on both tank size and fuel consumption.

Made our way via Granby Lake, Hot Sulphur Springs (excellent county historical musem), and Klemmring, to Dillon. Dined at the Old Mint, where you grill your own steaks while clutching glasses of beer and making garlic cheese toast. Similar to The Stockade restaurant in Canberra, of which I have fond memories.

Grumpy.jpg    Cook it yerself.jpg

That first full day, the rain started its cat and mouse game with us. We didn’t get too wet (we won), but it didn’t show us much clear sky (it won). The weather played this game repeatedly during the week.

Remember Cheers? Diane remarked to Woody "… like a cat playing with a mouse." Woody indicated that the saying must really involve a rat playing with a mouse. After Diane assured him that the saying was correct, he asserted, "it can’t be right; cats and mice are mortal enemies. They don’t even know the same games."

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