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Rail Simulation Suite

Interactive Simulation

The RTS is a multipurpose interactive simulation designed to support rail operations planning, general performance analysis, operations training, and rail system design and is the heart of the simulation suite. The RTS is capable of such diverse functions as:

These features are available for existing sections of railroad using detailed as-built data, or for railroads in development using approximate and/or limited information.

TDS continually updates the RTS to reflect changes in railroading practice and technology. Different configurations provide simulation of many types of control systems, including speed-encoded block signal systems, see-and-avoid systems, continuous-following, and automatic block signal systems with and without timer logic.

In order to simulate unique features of a railroad accurately, TDS can customize the RTS to incorporate wayside control features, traffic regulation or scheduling features that are specific to that railroad. To facilitate the interchange of data between RTS and programs or files used by engineering, operating, or planning departments, TDS can customize the simulation interfaces of the RTS.

The figure below shows the simulation command center, by which the user controls the simulation by means of the Command Center menus and dialog boxes.

Interactive Simulation Command Center

While the simulation is running, the simulated railroad can be manipulated like its real world counterpart. The user can:

Simulation reports and notification are displayed in scrollable windows, while graphical situation displays are presented to the user (see below). These displays can be copied to the Windows clipboard for inclusion in other documents or printed directly. The graphical situation windows can be zoomed for greater detail (see below).

Situation Display

Zoomed Portion of Display

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