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Software Updates

Existing clients: please call TDS for a username/password to access the private download directories.

These files are all in .zip format and require any shareware or commercial product to unzip.

Winzip is a well-known and respected product for working with zip files.

A set of free GUI and command-line zip/unzip tools are available from the Info-Zip workgroup.  The tools are available at

Another tool we recommend is File-Ex from Cottonwood Software.  This tool extends the standard open/save dialog boxes to automatically open at the last directory for that application, has a list of favorite files and directories, and includes file management tools right in the dialog box.  Go to and look for File-Ex version 3 for Windows 2000 and XP.  Use it to easily navigate between all your \rroads directories.

For those of you frustrated with the limited functionality and navigational capability of the Windows Explorer, there's Total Commander, which will do anything you want, and probably more.  Go to

And finally, if you do as much fooling around with Microsoft Access as we do, try Rick Fisher's Find and Replace at

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