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Rail Network Database

OnTrack is a relational database system designed to facilitate the input and management of railroad engineering and control system data. The physical characteristics of tracks, switches, control lines, vehicles, and other elements of a railroad are described in detail in OnTrack. OnTrack generates information about the railroad in a form required for signaling, simulation, or other engineering or operational analysis. OnTrack contains forms and visual tools for facilitating the input of data, checking data integrity and, visualizing the data in various report formats, and responding to ad hoc queries about the railroad.

OnTrack has many features that make it a superior tool for managing railroad data. Some especially important features are:

The figure below shows the OnTrack Network Objects Switchboard, allowing access to the network features modeled in OnTrack

OnTrack Network Objects Switchboard

The figure below shows the Track Plan View. This the primary view used to input features (e.g. platforms, switches, signals) along a track. The user is given immediate feedback as to the position and orientation of features.

Track Plan View

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